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How to get Vietnam visa from Australia fastest?
I am in Australia and want to apply visa to arrive Vietnam country. Please tell me the fastest way to apply visa.
Please introduce for me the site to apply Vietnam visa online?
I want to know about the site for applying Vietnam visa on arrival online and the good site for this matter.
Apply Visa online
Dear Anna, I am a Singapore, I understand that I do not need a visa for entry into Vietnam if my stay is less than 30 days. But do I still need to apply a approval letter on line to get it stamp at the airport. I am a little confuse cos I was told that I need this letter but if Singaporean is exempted why do I still need to apply for a letter of approval. Would appreciate if can kindly clear my doubt.
Hi Anna, I will be arriving overland, how do i get a visa
Hi Anna, I will be arriving overland, from Laos. How do i get a visa
Visa for UK citizens traveling across a land boarder into Vietnam
I am traveling around South East Asia and would like to visit Vietnam. I have looked for information regarding visas and note that you can apply for a visa on arrival, the information then says that you collect the visa when you arrive at an airport.
Visa for travelling on a cruise with Holland America March 2013
I will be travelling on a cruise with Holland America March 2013 and will be stopping at 3 ports in Vietnam during the cruise. Do I need a 35 day multiple trip visa or can I use 35 day single trip visa for both stops?
Application for Vietnam visa
My husband and I wish to travel to Vietnam by road from Cambodia in January 2012. As we are not arriving by air, we cannot apply for the 'visa on arrival' service. We are UK citizens although we are resident in France. Could you please let us know the most appropriate method for us to apply for Vietnam visas by post - either to UK or in France.
Visa from cruise ship in Vietnam
Hi , We are also on the cruise in november from bangkok stopping for day in Hoh Chi Min City. Can I apply and pay for the visa through your on line site? or do we have to go to the Embassy? Thanks
information about the visa
i am tunisian do i need a visa to go to vietnam and how i can get it
What would you like to ask?
I am going to travel to Vietnam at the end of this year. It will be the first time if I travel to there. By looking on internet I found out the visa service. It is very cheap compared the fee at Vietnam Embassies. Because of that, I had a little doubt then I decided to come to a Vietnamese Embassy in a European country to make sure if I could get my visa by the service.
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